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Private Dental Treatment – Fair Processing Notice

This dental practice is currently participating in thePrototype Agreements Scheme hosted by the Departmentof Health to trial new ways of providing NHS dentalservices. For further information about this Scheme, please see the leaflet displayed in our practice titled NHS Dental Prototype Agreements – Patient Information.
What this means for you in terms of information relating to your treatment, is that if you have received NHS treatment here in the last 3 years, limited information relating to your private treatment may be shared with the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). This information will berestricted to the fact that a private treatment has been provided and the type of treatment that it was. No other details will be shared.
The reason for this is that in order to evaluate the Scheme, this practice is contractually required to collect and send to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) datarelating to private treatment that we provide to any patients who have received NHS treatment at this practice within the three years preceding the date of their appointment, whether or not such treatment is associated with NHS treatment (a so called mixed course of treatment). Ifyou are unhappy with your information being shared on this basis, we will be unable to provide you with any private treatment at this practice while we are taking part in this Scheme.

The NHSBSA processes all NHS Dental Treatment claims on behalf of NHS England and the Department of Health. The information collected will be shared securely with the NHSBSA, and will then be matched to any dental treatment you have received from the NHS within the previous three years, for the purposes of evaluating and monitoring the Scheme.
Anonymised information relating to your treatment may alsobe shared with the Department of Health and NHSEngland, and if so, will be used to help in the development of new ways of delivering and paying for NHS dental services, which are currently being considered.
Any personal data collected relating to your private treatment will be deleted within 10 years of receipt into our systems. If you have any further queries regarding this useof your personal data or require a copy of the information the NHSBSA holds about you then please refer to our website at:


Further details are available at:

A copy of this notice is also placed on the NHSBSA website at:

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