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Dental Sedation
We appreciate that many patients are uncomfortable or nervous when it comes to dental treatment. For such patients, treatment can be made easier by the use of sedation. The sedation techniques we use are safe & comfortable.

We have many years of experience in treating very anxious patients.
We offer inhalation sedation, which is also known as happy gas. This is administered via a small mask which is placed just over your nose. This technique is very useful for children.

We also offer intra-venous sedation, which is administered via a small plastic tube which is usually placed in your hand and a sedative drug is administered via this tube. This technique is very successful with our more anxious patients.

We have recently passed a safe sedation inspection by the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD).

Download our child friendly information sheet about RA (inhalation) sedation
Download our IV (intravenous) Sedation patient information sheet
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